One of the main concerns for any homeowner is how much their energy bills will be. Heating your home can be a costly business, but it doesn't have to be! Installing a new boiler could save you up to 30% on your heating bills, so it's definitely worth considering. The following blog will take a look at how much money you could save by installing a new boiler. It will also discuss some of the other benefits of having a new boiler, such as improved comfort and reduced carbon emissions.
If there is one thing that we understand at Fuller Heating, it’s boilers. We know that the energy price rises are coming and while we can’t cap that for you, we can help you to ensure that your boiler is as efficient as possible before they kick in. An efficient boiler is going to prevent you from paying everything that you have just to have your boiler running properly. You shouldn't have to choose between putting the heating on and eating, so let us give you the tips that you need to ensure that your boiler is as efficient as possible.