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Bosch EasyControl

Smart Thermostat. Do it the Easy Way.

Want to heat your house before you get home from a weekend away? Turn off the heating in an unused bedroom? Check your energy use anywhere from your phone?

With up to 12 year guarantee when installed with one of our boilers, the Bosch EasyControl is a smart connected thermostat which makes it easy to control your heating and hot water whilst saving energy. Now wired or wireless (with EasyControl RF Key) installation available.
  • Easy on the eye, available in black and white
  • Individual room control
  • Technology and connectivity
  • Easy to manage
  • Easy to use
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Honeywell evohome Heating Controls

What is evohome?

evohome is a wireless multi zoning control system for heating and hot water. It is centred around the evotouch eight zone controller, which enables independent automatic temperature control of up to eight heating zones and one hot water.

Where can I use evohome?

Ideal for any domestic or small commercial property that requires zoning. evohome is suitable for both radiator and underfloor heating or a mixture of both. It is compatible with standard or combi boilers. Suitable for new and existing systems. For very large properties, link up to four evotouches together to control up to 32 zones.

Why should I install evohome?

Installing an evohome multi zoning system will reduce waste, reduce demand and use fuel more sparingly. evohome gives optimal comfort combined with maximum energy saving.

How does evohome save energy and money?

evohome saves energy by reducing heating in areas of a property that are not in use. evohome controls the occupied areas of your home at a comfortable temperature whilst the unused areas remain at a reduced temperature. This reduces demand from the boiler, using fuel more sparingly and therefore saving energy and money.
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Smart Heating Controls?

Honeywell Lyric T6

The smart way to control your home comfort.

People have taken comfort in our expertise for over 100 years, during which we’ve made air travel safer and helped put a man on the moon. Now you can take comfort in an innovative thermostat that adapts to your schedule, helps save you energy and makes your home smarter. To create it, we’ve worked with some of our best engineers. So you can take control of your home comforts, wherever you may be.
  • Location based temperature control (geofencing)
  • Programmable, adjustable, adaptable
  • Connect your home
  • Smart features
  • Connects with other smart brands
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Honeywell Lyric T3

Honeywell T3 Wired Programmable Thermostat

The Honeywell T3 is a hard wired thermostat with the capability to program your central heating and control the temperature of your home for optimum comfort.

The T3 is compatible with 24-230v on/off appliances including gas boilers, combi boilers and heat pumps.

  • Daily, weekly or 5+2 schedule option
  • LED display
  • Fail safe mode
  • Alert messages to aid fault diagnosis
  • Factory reset
  • Minimum on/off time
  • Language selection