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How To Improve Boiler Efficiency Ahead of The Energy Price Increase

With the upcoming price hike of energy in the UK, it’s now more important than ever to understand how you can improve boiler efficiency. Now is not the time to be relying heavily on your boiler if you can avoid it, but there are going to be times when it’s necessary to use, and as such you need to know how to keep things as efficient as you can.

What Can You Do?

Making your boiler more efficient might not seem possible, but it is with the right help. Calling a qualified boiler engineer to help you by conducting the annual maintenance check, fitting smart controls, fitting a new boiler if needed, and even general servicing are all going to help. When your boiler is in correct working order, you know that you’re not wasting any energy when it’s heating your home and water.

In some cases, your boiler may be so old that you are using more energy than necessary, and you’re not even getting what you need from the heating. A Gas Safe engineer will be able to give you the right advice here, letting you know if you need a new boiler, or if there are simply some fixes that can be done to make your current boiler more efficient.

Smart controls and regular servicing are both also going to play a huge part in ensuring the efficiency of your boiler, so make sure that you’ve got your next boiler service scheduled!

Why Is the Price Rising?

As countries begin to recover from the pandemic, the demand for gas is rising. The result of this is the wholesale price for gas shooting through the roof, even with the energy price cap in the UK.