Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Fuller Construction Limited trading as Fuller Heating

General terms and conditions (as applicable)

1) The client’s acceptance of the estimate must be in writing and this will also confirm acceptance of our terms & conditions.

2) No extras to be added to this estimate without the written consent of both the customer and the heating engineer.

3) If additional works are found to be required in order to complete the estimate works, that couldn’t have been reasonably foreseen, then these will be quoted separately.

4) Our quote is based on carrying out work during normal working hours without interruption unless otherwise stated.

5) Although the utmost care will be taken with the existing heating & water system, we cannot accept any responsibility and therefore liability, for any faults or inadequacies occurring in the existing retained heating & water system whilst we are carrying out our work or afterwards, we only take responsibility for our own work, anything existing, the responsibility will remain with the client.

6) The performance of a new mains domestic hot and cold water system will be wholly reliant on the incoming cold water main from the street into your property. If a new cold water main pipe or other means of increasing the flow rate and pressure is required to improve the performance if found to be unsatisfactory, then this will be at an additional cost. We may fit flow balancing valves to hot and cold water outlets if there are water flow starvation problems.

7) Ownership of the goods will not pass to the customer until payment has been made in full.

8) Should there be any electrical power points in the way of new radiators, the client would have to arrange to have them moved or we can arrange for a suitable qualified electrician as an extra cost to this quote.

9) Client is to arrange for gas supply and gas meter to be installed into the property by the gas board/gas supplier, if not present.

10) Should the existing circulation pump or motorised zone valves that may be retained, fail whilst or after the heating system has been drained down and refilled, we cannot be held responsible and their replacement will be at an extra cost.

11) It is necessary for the chimney flue to be swept with a brush, prior to the commencement of the new installation of a stove. If it is found that it is impossible to drop a new flue liner down the chimney because of a blockage, the additional works which will have to be carried out, this will be at an extra cost.

12) Our estimate is based upon the assumption that the customer has normal standard 6” wooden flooring & not 8’ x 4’ chipboard or concrete flooring, unless already noted.

13) Where we have to take up floor coverings and/or floor boards, we will refit the floor boards and lay back down the floor coverings as neatly as possible, if the refitting is required to be to a professional standard, the client will have to make their own arrangements to complete the refitting, we willn’t cover this cost. Whilst taking care in lifting the floor coverings, if damage is caused by us having to lift them, this will be at client’s own risk. If this isn’t acceptable we recommend that the client makes their own arrangements to have the floor coverings taken up and put back down.

14) If any boxing has to be removed to get to pipework, whilst taking every care to remove carefully, we can’t accept responsibility if it is damaged whilst being removed and /or it is unable to go back neatly.

15) This quote doesn’t include for re-instating of boxing, fittings nor decorations unless specifically itemised.

16) If asbestos containing material is discovered during our works that legally requires specialist removal, the cost to carry this out will be passed onto the customer. We will have endeavoured to have located any of this material beforehand but it doesn’t resolve the client of the costs if any is discovered afterwards.

17) The client is requested to ensure that an electrical power supply is available. Where power is not available, a generator will be supplied at an extra charge of £20.00 + Vat per day, unless otherwise agreed.

18) We reserve the right to alter, redesign or vary the materials or schemes specified in our report, if it is found to be required, after consultation and agreement with the client.

19) Any work or part of any work which may prove impractical may be excluded from our works & the costs omitted from the final invoice.

20) The client is that person, persons, company or corporation which places an order with the company. We are unable to accept instructions on behalf of a third party.

21) It is expressly understood that no contract exists between the company and the client until such time as an order is placed with the company and this order is accepted by the company.

22) by accepting in writing you agree to pay 40% of estimate before commencement of works, stage payments are required every two weeks for works completed in that two-week period and to pay the balance within seven days of completion.

23) We reserve the right to charge annual interest at 8% lending rate for each day moneys are outstanding. Commercial transactions will be covered by ‘Directive 2011/7/EU on combating late payment in commercial transactions’.

24) If there any grievances or complaints, they must be reported promptly in writing so we may quickly deal with them.

25) The final balance payment is payable before grievances can be dealt with if grievance is not received in writing within the seven-day payment period after completion.

26) Our workmanship guarantee is one year for new work and three months for repair work.

27) Manufacturer’s guarantees, normal and extended, are subject to their terms and conditions, details can be provided on request or viewed on the relevant manufacturer’s websites.

28) VAT rate stated is subject to change & will be altered to the current rate at time of invoicing.

29) If problems are experienced because of electrical interference to the heating control cables, then a new protected cable may need to be installed at extra cost.

30) If in the unlikely event, the gas supply is found not to give the correct working pressure at the boiler and/or has a greater pressure loss between the pressure at the meter and the boiler of 1 mbar, then we will have to run a new gas supply from the meter, to the boiler, at extra cost.

31) If there are any issues with the boiler because the condense pipe freezes, they will n’t be covered under the guarantee and will be chargeable.

32) The re-pressurisation of a sealed heating system isn’t covered under the guarantee; it is the responsibility of the customer to carry this out.

33) Whilst every effort will be made to fit a filter trap onto the central heating return pipe which is the recommended position, if this is impractical we will, if necessary, fit the filter trap onto the central heating flow pipe instead.

34) If a boiler flue terminal is pointing at a neighbour’s property and although it complies with regulated distance of 600mm, if the neighbour complains that it is a nuisance then the cost of changing the flueing and/or moving the boiler will be at additional cost.

35) For combination boilers, the stated hot water flow rates are values for industry comparison, the designed operational flow rates will be less.

36) On breakdowns calls, if subsequent faults are discovered after the first fault is resolved then these additional faults will be chargeable as we reasonably couldn’t have known of these faults until the first one had been resolved and we can follow through the logical working sequence of the boiler/central heating system.

37) If a neighbour brings a nuisance complaint, where we have complied with key legislative requirements and key industry standards, any required alterations will be at additional cost, no refunds will be given for subsequent non-use.